About Group Bookd

While planning a trip to the Dominican Republic in early 2017, we found out that it was way too expensive to charter an entire boat for a family of 3. At the time, we were looking for a trip that would be a little bit more intimate than a large boat with 30+ people, but didn’t want to have to get an entire boat for only 3 people.

We thought, what if you could book a charter that holds 6 people and have an online marketplace for group activities where you could open up an invitation for others to join you and use the 3 remaining spots? This is where the idea of Group Bookd came from.

We have created a platform that allows companies and individuals to post their upcoming group activities (trips, classes, get togethers, etc) to the web and allow people to register online. Upon registration, users will be required to pay the deposit (if applicable) and we’ll follow up on any additional payments on your behalf.