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Our Booking Process - Guides

We’ve broken the booking process down into 3 steps.

Step 01

Sign Up

Give us your email, confirm you are who you say you are, and fill out your profile.

Step 02

Make an Event

Give us all the deets! This includes what’s happening, where it’s going down, how much it costs, and much more (you can even upload photos)

Step 03

Customer Sign Up

Now that you’ve created the event, shared the link, and grabbed a cold beer, you can sit back and wait for people to sign up! Once they do, we’ll take their payment for the event and collect all the info you need about them. After we’ve done that, we’ll send you a notification letting you know that someone has signed up for your event. Got an event with multiple payments? Don’t worry, we’ll collect those payments for you too!

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